The Mediterranean Island of Cyprus has an excellent reputation because of its mild climate and favorable weather and ranks among the healthiest regions of the world because of the climate. With more than 320 days of sun a year and a mild winter climate, Cyprus is suited for successful walking holidays.

Walking at all seasons

 In springtime Cyprus is flowered all over the island. With about 1600 flowering plants a walking holiday in Cyprus is truly worthwhile. The air smells of wild herbs and wild flowers and the fields have thousand of different colors. Yellow, blue and red anemones, red poppy seeds, rare orchids, Cypriot cyclamen, gladiolus, iris, tulips, chrysanthemums, hyacinths, daffodils and many more are in full blossom. Cyprus is well known for its numerous orchid species, about 44 different species can be found on the island. More then 100 different types of birds and many more butterflies. Especially migratory birds benefit from the favorable situation and weather conditions on the island. The famous pink flamingos coming every year from winter until spring, staying at the salt lake in Larnaca. Important bird species are: flamingo, chaffinch, the Cypriot partridge, nightingale and others. Most species of birds can be found on the Troodos mountains.


 In summertime a walking holiday in the higher and cooler regions of the mountains is worthwhile. 
The mountainous walking paths will lead you through fragrant cedars, stone pines, pines and cypress forests. The Cyprus cedar (Cedrus libani var brevifolia) is only found on the island and grows only at 2 sites. You can also find carob trees, sycamore trees and oak trees along the walking paths and in the higher regions pines. The walking paths will lead you through splendid view points with panorama views of the countryside and sea. Some of the walking paths follow along crystal clear streams with waterfalls, where you can refresh your tired feet. The beautiful villages give you the chance to visit some of the numerous chapels and learn something about the culture of the island.

 The autumn in Cyprus is still enjoyable warm. The good day temperatures, 33° in September, 28° in October and 22° in November making a walking holiday favorable at this time of the year. Walking along the sea is also possible, even a dip in the sea. The bathing season in Cyprus is one of the longest in the Mediterranean sea and often swimming is possible until the end of November.
The average water temperature in September is 29° and in November 22°. Flowers like poinsettia and buttercup are prospering in autumn.

Winter Mild temperatures and many sunny hours making wintertime an ideal season for walking. The daily temperatures are 15 - 22° and the day has 5 – 7 hours sun.


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