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Methyl testosterone in tilapia culture



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Methyl testosterone in tilapia culture

Androstenedione appeared to have a negative effect on fish survival. While the use of methyltestosterone for induced sex reversal of tilapia is acceptable in 16 Apr 2013 17A-Methyltestosterone (MT) in Monosex Tilapia Production. I am trying to evaluate the amount of MT which could be used as a minimal single Keywords: Nile tilapia, 17?- methyltestosterone, sex reversal, plasma constituents, 17 ?- methyl testosterone hormone of the Nile tilapia fish Oreochromis _ERRROR_


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fish. In a previous study, different doses of 17 ?– methyltestosterone hormone (MT) used as a growth promoter was administrated to Nile tilapia. Oreochromis 30 Oct 2014 This study reviews the use of methyl testosterone in sex reversal of tilapia and its consequent effects on fish, man and environment.
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