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Test e deca and anavar cycle



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Test e deca and anavar cycle

What's everyone's take on adding anavar at the end of a test-e deca cycle before nolva? Basically would it cut and get rid of retained water, 1K test e /wk 600 deca/wk 60mgs var/day. Should this be a good combo to lean this cycle up and freak the strength a bit? Has anyone tried this.My aim is to get bigger with less water retention and other side effects ,lower the BF% a bit and retain the strength and muscle after the cycle as. _ERRROR_


28 Jan 2014 Here is my list of old school cycles for badass results: ANAVAR, DECA, TEST. Weeks 1-10 50-100mg/day anavar, 200mg/wk test e, 200mg/wk Hey guys, I started EQ 13/03/13. Just finished it yesterday. The last couple weeks, I've been dropping the dosage and increasing the deca
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